Center Symposia

The Administrative Core coordinates the center’s annual symposium held on the first Friday in December. This involves creating a program by contacting the center investigators, pilot project PIs, postdocs, and the Scientific Advisory Board members for their presentations, reserving the room and audiovisual system, and making travel and lodging arrangements for the Scientific Advisory Board, distributing the announcement of the symposium via e-mail, posting, and on-campus newsletter. During a lunch break, the Executive Committee members and the Scientific Advisory Board, have a 1-1.5 hr joint meeting. The members of the Scientific Advisory Board address to the Executive Committee, specific questions, critiques, and suggestions related to the center administration, research and education, and Core activities. After the symposium, the Pilot Program Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board will meet to go over the reviews of pilot project applications by the Scientific Advisory Board. The Administrative Core usually sends the pilot project applications to assigned members of the Scientific Advisory Board 3~4 wk before the annual symposium and receives their written reviews by the date of the symposium. This meeting thus serves as a study section to discuss the reviews for all applications and to achieve a consensus for the priority scores assigned to them. The Administrative Core handles and supports all logistic aspects of this review process.

22nd Annual Symposium

December 4th, 2020
A image of the gallery view on Zoom of some of the participants of the 22nd Annual Symposium

21st Annual Symposium

December 6, 2019
20th Annual Symposium

20th Annual Symposium

December 7, 2018
19th Annual Symposium

19th Annual Symposium

A closed center retreat meeting took place on August 25, 2017, in La Jolla, CA.

18th Annual Symposium

December 2, 2016

17th Annual Symposium

December 4, 2015

16th Annual Symposium

December 5, 2014
2014 Symposium

15th Annual Symposium

December 6, 2013
2013 symposium

14th Annual Symposium

October 5, 2012
2012 symposium photo

13th Annual Symposium

December 2, 2011
2011 Group Photo

12th Annual Symposium

December 3, 2010
2010 symposium photo

USC/UCSD Joint Symposium

December 4, 2009

10th Annual Symposium

December 5, 2008

9th Annual Symposium

December 7, 2007

8th Annual Symposium

December 1, 2006

6th Annual Symposium

December 3, 2004

Additional 2004 Symposium:

  • Single-topic Mini Symposium
    July 26, 2004
  • Stellate Cell Mini Workshop
    April 1, 2004
  • Matrix Biology Workshop
    February 5, 2004

5th Annual Symposium
December 5, 2003

Additional 2003 Symposium:

  • Stellate Cell Research Mini Conference
    April 3, 2003

4th Annual Symposium
November 9, 2002

Additional 2002 Symposium:

  • Hepatocyte Mini Workshop
    April 11, 2002
  • Fibrogenesis Mini Workshop
    February 28, 2002

3rd Annual Symposium
December 7, 2001

Additional 2001 Symposium:

  • SCARG Conference
    Clinical and Preventive Studies on ALD
    September 1, 2001
  • SCARG Conference
    Cirhosis Research Group Workshop
    March 22, 2001

2nd Annual Symposium
December 1, 2000

Additional 2000 Symposium:

  • SCARG Conference
    May 11, 2000

1st Annual Symposium
December 3, 1999

Additional 1999 Symposia:

  • SCARG Conference
    SAM and Alcoholic Liver and Pancreatic Disease
    August 28, 1999
  • SCARG Conference
    May 1, 1999
  • SCARG Conference
    January 9, 1999