Clinical Research

clinical research

Faculty members are involved in industry-funded clinical research trials.

See: for clinical trials currently running at Keck Medicine of USC.

Our residents and medical students are actively involved in research, presenting at conferences such as the:

For information regarding participating in a clinical trial, see the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) at or visit

Dr. Steven Richeimer and the Chronic Pain Center faculty have also begun collaborating with Family Medicine faculty on the topic of treating pain in a primary care setting. While data shows that chronic pain accounts for over 20% of outpatient visits, few primary care physicians receive dedicated training on managing chronic pain. We propose to implement a comprehensive educational and support program targeted to PCPs to address the care and management for persons living with chronic pain; and are working with our colleagues in Family Medicine to develop and ultimately promulgate this training.

Dr. Joshua Tobin’s experiences in the military with active deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and at the Baltimore Shock Trauma Center make him uniquely qualified to integrate Anesthesiology clinical and research activities with those of the Trauma Surgery and Critical Care Division at the Los Angeles General Medical Center. Dr. Tobin is the founding president of the Trauma Anesthesiology Society which has established an international presence and membership and sponsors an active Google based network for guideline discussion and development.