Student Testimonials

Anastasia Kolerova, MD-PhD student

Anastasia Kolerova, MD-PhD student Department of Dermatology, NSU

“I’m a PhD student now. Many students in my class find it challenging to interpret the results of their research. During our EBM classes we discussed biostatistics; that now helps me a lot in my work.”

Olga Oleshko, MD

Olga Oleshko, MD, Department of Molecular Biology, NSU

“Understanding how to interpret the statistical inference is very important for researchers as well as for clinicians. Unfortunately, students do not have the opportunity to learn this topic in our curriculum. Therefore, it is so valuable that we have the Journal Club, where we learn to analyze the scientific papers. Thanks you for the Journal Club initiative! I totally enjoyed participating this year!

Irina Balygina

Irina Balygina, 5th year medical student, NSU

“Being a participant, I gained understanding of how science may work for medicine. Unfortunately, this is absent in our medical university. I see the EBM Course as a thought provoking project which helps medical students foster learning and catalyze their interest in medical research and in various ethical questions of which we are not used to thinking. I would highly recommend this course to my classmates since it is a brand new experience one can get in NSU.”