About the Alzheimer’s Therapeutic Research Institute


USC ATRI extends far beyond the workers in one building on one campus.

  • USC ATRI is an academic organization leading a consortium dedicated to the acceleration of therapeutic interventions for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). We are collectively committed to developing new models of AD to test, characterize biomarkers and develop and minimize variability through enhanced quality control of outcome measures by applying novel analytic methods and enact highly innovative regulatory pathways.
  • Our facility is located in San Diego, California, and forms an integral part of the Los Angeles-based USC Keck School of Medicine’s mission to create a leading hub of basic, translational and clinical research in neuroscience and neurological diseases. There is a great deal of focused and celebrated collaboration with sites and investigators around the world.
  • USC ATRI promotes extensive collaboration and data sharing across academia, industry, regulators, and advocacy groups.
  • An additional goal includes training future leaders in AD clinical research.


USC ATRI was established at the Keck School of Medicine of USC in 2015 as a commitment to build upon their strategic neuroscience presence. However, USC ATRI team has been engaged in the field of AD therapeutics since its inception in the late 1980s. ATRI director, Paul Aisen, and many other members of the team worked closely with Dr. Leon Thal who is widely recognized as the father of Alzheimer therapeutics. USC ATRI members have designed and provided leadership to dozens of therapeutic trials, driving innovation in the field.

Facts & Figures

  • USC ATRI is currently involved in 18 clinical trials
  • The faculty and staff of USC ATRI have been involved in running over 50 Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials dating back to 1991
  • USC ATRI operates the clinical core for the ADNI project which has revolutionized the field and resulted in over 1200 publications