USC ATRI faculty have significantly contributed to milestones in Alzheimer’s disease research.

USC ATRI is dedicated to supporting and enrolling participants in clinical trials that will bring effective treatments to patients quickly. Through a shared-data model, USC ATRI fosters clinical partnerships with patients, and researchers to maximize efforts in finding clinical therapeutics.

Currently, there is groundbreaking research happening at USC ATRI involving screening patients who are pre-symptomatic for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Traditional models study and treat patients who are already showing signs of cognitive impairment. A large research snapshot of patients who are likely to develop AD, but have no symptoms could radically change the way patients are treated before the onset of symptoms. Identifying the bio-markers that may lead to the disease later in life gives researchers short-term observations to paint a long-term picture of the disease.

Our collaborative teams led studies that have addressed pivotal strategies derived from epidemiological investigations with agents such as anti-inflammatory treatments, DHA, homocysteine and statins. Clinical Director, Mike Rafii, created the Down Syndrome Biomarker Initiative.

USC Partners

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