Abdominal Imaging led by Dr. Vinay Duddalwar


The Section of Abdominal Imaging is an integral section of the Department of Radiology. It has extensive links with the vast majority of other departments on the Health Sciences Campus (HSC) and also integrates very well with the other radiology divisions. The section is proud to have in its fold a number of leaders in the field of abdominal imaging. We provide a number of clinical services at multiple sites on the HSC campus; we provide excellent quality imaging services catering to a wide variety of clinical needs. These include:

  • Fluoroscopic and conventional radiographic services:
    We provide a wide range of fluoroscopic imaging for the evaluation of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus. Dynamic imaging, including esophagography and defecography, is provided as part of perioperative planning. Bariatric imaging and therapeutic procedures are also provided.
  • Cross sectional imaging services:US: We provide a full range of abdominal and pelvic examinations as well as arterial/venous vascular exams. We also both provide imaging for biopsy localization and perform US guided percutaneous biopsy and drainage procedures.Computed Tomography:
    We provide a full range of diagnostic examinations including multiplanar and 3D imaging and state of the art CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy).Magnetic Resonance Imaging:
    With the latest in 1.5T and 3T MRI technology, we provide the highest quality imaging of the abdomen and pelvis, including dynamic contrast enhancement, MR enterography, MR urography, high resolution prostate imaging, dynamic pelvic floor imaging and transplant imaging, to name only a few of our services.
  • Imaging guided interventional proceduresIncluding, but not limited to CT and US guided drainages of fluid collections, biopsies of masses and ablation of tumors, as well as fiducial placements.The Section of Abdominal Imaging has several prominent goals at its core. These encompass the breadth of the section’s missions in terms of its clinical, research, and training objectives:
    1. Optimize the quality of our work in abdominal imaging and incorporate new advanced techniques in our practice.We are proud of the high quality of our clinical work, which is made possible by the availability of state of art imaging equipment and excellent support staff. We continuously incorporate new techniques and optimize current techniques in order to provide excellent clinical care.We have an extremely collegial relationship with the medical and surgical divisions devoted to treating patients with complex abdominal problems, including oncology, gastroenterology and hepatology, and urology. We work together to ensure that our clinical colleagues and the patients receive excellent service, which we constantly improve by incorporating new techniques when available.
    2. Maintain and improve an outstanding radiology training program. We also actively participate in and improve the quality of teaching for residents and fellows, in radiology as well as related clinical services.We have an extensive teaching conference schedule for residents and fellows. In addition, we also participate in the teaching conferences for other departments. A detailed list of our conferences is available separately.
    3. Encourage and mandate staff, fellows and residents participation in clinical research and other scholarly activities.We have regular journal clubs as well as research meetings. Our attending staffs and fellows are regularly involved at local as well as national level scientific meetings. Our attending staffs are regular reviewers for journals, such as, AJR, Radiology. Publication of books, chapters and review articles is also encouraged.The body imaging fellows and faculty are supported and encouraged to participate in research
    4. Maintain and improve digital educational resourcesDue to our clinical exposure to a great variety of disease processes we are able to compile an extensive teaching file. Useful references, information and data are also available on our division’s educational website: www.trojanimaging.com