Participate and Volunteer

The Importance of Our Volunteers

Volunteers provide valuable services to the community engagement programs we support. Whether it’s mentoring at-risk children, introducing high school students to careers in STEM or providing medical services to those who might not otherwise have access to them, students, faculty and staff are constantly supporting the community. Many of our partner organizations rely on the hard work of volunteers to put on their programming. Volunteers gain practical medical experience in real-world settings and, most importantly, gain an understanding of and empathy for individuals in need in the community.

Student Initiatives

We are proud that so many students at the Keck School of Medicine of USC have a desire to get involved in and give back to their local community. Explore some of the programs launched by Keck School students.

Education Programs

We believe that education, especially in the STEM fields, should be accessible to all communities, especially those most affected by health disparities. Explore the educational programs supported by the Keck School and Keck Medicine of USC.

Health Services

We realize that health care is not evenly accessible across populations, which is why we are committed to understanding and fulfilling the needs of all communities. Learn about some of the programs that support that commitment.

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