Diversity and Inclusion Programs


Reaching Inner City Students Through Education of the Sciences

This pipeline service program is dedicated to increasing the education and mentorship of students across all grade levels including K-12, pre-medical undergraduate students, and medical students, with the goal of increasing exposure to the sciences, medicine, and dermatology. Faculty residents and medical students volunteer their time to be part of these various programs throughout the year.


Dermmunity is a community service program aimed to increase education about dermatologic health in local Los Angeles communities, particularly underserved communities. Our program works in partnership with institutional and local programs on a monthly basis at health clinics, health fairs, shelters, and other community based organizations and events.

Diversity Scholar Series

The Diversity Scholar Series is a speaker series which is part of our Grand Rounds that is dedicated to supporting faculty speakers from minority backgrounds, as well as speakers whose work relates to diversity, healthcare equity, and cultural competency. The scholar series occurs twice a year during Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15), and Black History Month (Feb. 1-March 1).

Reflections Book Club

At this monthly dermatology department book club, students discuss literature regarding issues related to diversity in medicine and health equity.