Resident Teaching Opportunities

There are ample teaching opportunities for residents in the department.

Year I Curriculum-Skin System

The Department is responsible for providing an introduction to dermatology to all Keck School medical students in their first year in a weeklong course. This program consists of 10 lectures and an examination. Each resident leads two case-based group discussions during this course.

Year I Basic Science Curriculum

First-year medical students receive approximately one week of teaching related to the biology and molecular biology of the skin. Gene defects leading to genetic skin diseases and structural defects in human skin are emphasized to give the student a clear idea of the function of the skin’s component parts. The goals of this course are to illustrate the integration and importance of basic sciences with clinical dermatology.

Intersession Workshop

During Intersession between 3rd and 4th year, the residents and faculty host a workshop with several stations where medical students are introduced to procedures such as performing a KOH mount, scabies prep, shave biopsy and punch biopsy.

Dermatology Selective Rotation

More than 60 third- and fourth-year students have the opportunity to take a four-week clinical elective in dermatology. Third year residents provide the lecture series to the rotating students. All residents participate in teaching students during outpatient clinics and on the inpatient consultation service.