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About PhD Programs

PhD Programs in Biomedical and Biological Sciences (PIBBS)

The following PhD programs are considered PIBBS programs. The goal of PIBBS is to recruit top caliber PhD students in the biomedical and biological sciences to USC and to guide them in the identification of a mentor, lab, and research project that will provide rigorous scientific training, an outstanding PhD thesis, and a strong foundation for a variety of science-related careers.

Cancer Biology & Genomics (CBG)

Capitalizes on our Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and its strength in all areas of cancer research including epigenetics and epidemiology.

Development, Stem Cells, & Regenerative Medicine (DSR)

Benefits from our Center for Regenerative Medicine and strength in stem cell research, tissue engineering and regeneration.

Medical Biology (MEDB)

Highly translational program that takes advantage of our outstanding clinical and basic scientists who investigate human organ systems in health and disease.

Medical Biophysics (MBPH)

The program includes all aspects of biophysics, with an emphasis on structural biology and on application of biophysical methods and theories to answer important biomedical questions.

PhD Programs in Preventive Medicine

Biostatistics (BIOS)

Biomedical and population research each include unique study designs, modes and complexities of data collection, as well as analytic, computational and methodological challenges.

Epidemiology (EPID)

Trains students with the ability to apply in-depth knowledge of epidemiologic theory and methodology to design, conduct and statistically analyze and interpret data from research studies.

Health Behavior Research (HBR)

Encompasses theory and methods from many allied fields including: communications, psychology, preventive medicine, biostatistics, public health and epidemiology.

Population, Health and Place

In this innovative interdisciplinary doctoral program, faculty from the USC Dornsife Department of Sociology, the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and the USC Dornsife Spatial Sciences Institute provide training for careers in research, teaching and applied work in sociology (population), preventive medicine (health), and the spatial sciences (place). Students complete two research rotations as well as courses in biostatistics, demography, epidemiology, and spatial sciences, with additional course work required according to specialty area and/or dissertation topic.