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Division of Emergency Medicine Research

Our research division faculty consists of four clinical researchers, one full-time, dedicated researcher, one project coordinator, one administrative assistant and four grant-funded research assistants. Several other faculty members, though not specifically research division members, routinely participate in research and research division activities. We attract a broad base of faculty with varied specific interests who are committed to furthering emergency medicine and population health through scientific research and discovery.

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Division of International Emergency Medicine

The Division of International Emergency Medicine (IEM) is a center for emergency physicians engaging in research, education and service in global health. The IEM Division focuses on identifying and promoting best practices in humanitarian aid, the development of global emergency care, and on supporting health systems in resource poor settings–particularly in regions emerging from or chronically affected by conflict or crises.

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Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Combining the fields of pediatrics and emergency medicine, our division is dedicated to training physicians in delivering emergency care to children. Through policy work and research, we are also committed to advancing emergency care for patients under the age of 21. Our faculty and residents treat approximately 25,000 young patients each year, including pediatric trauma patients.

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