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Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EMSIG), organized in 1995, has grown to become the largest student interest group at the Keck School of Medicine. Operating within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center under the guidance of student clerkship director and departmental advisor, Dr. Jonathan Wagner, EMSIG offers medical students hands-on clinical experience, mentorship with residents and faculty members, procedure-based workshops, lunchtime lectures and research opportunities.

EMSIG’s shadowing program attracts a large number of first and second year medical students, allowing them to gain early clinical experience in one of the country’s busiest and most prestigious emergency departments. The success of this shadowing program is largely due to the enthusiasm and zeal for teaching exemplified by the attending and resident physicians at LAC+USC Medical Center. Faculty members from the Department of Emergency Medicine also give monthly lunchtime lectures to introduce medical students to topics such as blast injuries, toxicology, initial trauma management and international emergence medicine. They also lead workshops in techniques, such as suturing and airway management.

The Department of Emergency Medicine generously offers mentorship through EMSIG in a variety of ways. Early in medical school, students who intend on pursuing a career in Emergency Medicine are matched with a faculty advisor. Those students less sure of a career path may casually interact with upperclassmen, Keck School alumni and faculty at EMSIG’s annual spring banquet. Mentors are just as willing to help students navigate their course toward finding a specialty of interest as they are in sharing their own interest in Emergency Medicine.

Regardless of which specialty medical students in EMSIG end up choosing, members of EMSIG credit the interest group in playing an important role in providing clinical experience in an exciting field and helping them make personal career decisions.