About the Division of Emergency Radiology

Emergency Radiology has clinical, research and training objectives.

  1. Optimize the quality of clinical care and incorporate new advanced techniques
    • The LAC-USC Medical Center has one of the country’s largest Emergency Departments – a Level 1 Trauma Center. Within the Emergency Department area is the Emergency Radiology suite, which includes a Computed Tomography unit, an Ultrasound unit, as well as plain radiography rooms and equipment. The Magnetic Resonance and Nuclear Medicine suites are readily available by a short elevator ride.
    • We have State-of-the-Art imaging equipment, and we are constantly incorporating new techniques, and training our excellent support staff.
  2. Develop close working relationships with clinical services
    • Emergency Radiology is proud to have a close working relationship with our clinical colleagues in the Department of Emergency Medicine and Acute Care Surgery, as well as with clinicians in the other services with which it interfaces.
    • We work together with the clinical services to devise policies for optimal efficiency.
    • We also have collaborations with the Department of Emergency Medicine and Acute Care Surgery in research and academic enterprises.
  3. Encourage staff, fellows, residents, and medical students participation in clinical research and other scholarly activities, including:
    • In scientific meetings
    • As reviewers for journals
    • In publication of journal articles, and books and chapters
  4. Maintain and improve the quality of teaching
    • We teach fellows, residents, and medical students in radiology, and members-in-training in related clinical services.
    • Maintain and expand a teaching file in Emergency Radiology