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Arthur Baghdanian

Arthur Baghdanian

Assistant Professor Of Clinical Radiology
1500 San Pablo St. Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

Boston University Medical Center : Roentgen Resident Research Award, 2015-2016

Boston Unviversity Medical Center : John H. Harris Award for ASER scientific presentation, 2015-2016

Boston University Medical Center : RSNA Resident Research Award, 2014-2015

Boston University Medical Center : Boston University Resident Research Award, 2013-2017

Sidney Kimmel Medical College : Hobart Amory Hare Medical Honor Society, 2009-2010

Sidney Kimmel Medical College : Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society, 2009-2010

Sidney Kimmel Medical College : George McClellan Surgical Honor Society, 2009-2010

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Dr. Arthur Baghdanian received his medical degree from Sidney Kimmel Medical College where he was inducted into the AOA medical honor society. He completed his Radiology residency at Boston University where he was awarded the resident researcher of the year by the Radiology Society of North America. Dr. Baghdanian was later awarded the Roentgen Ray Award for outstanding radiological research for both imaging and intervention in the acute care setting. He has had multiple peer reviewed publications as well as invited presentations at both the national and international meetings. Dr. Baghdanian went on to the University of California San Francisco where he completed subspecialty training in Abdominal Imaging and Intervention with a focus on the imaging and intervention of various abdominopelvic malignancies. After his fellowship year he was taken on as faculty at UCSF as an assistant professor. At this time, he became the section leader in MRI imaging of pancreatic and renal transplantations. He also continued his role as an educator, teaching radiology anatomy at the UCSF Medical School as well as teaching radiology fellows non-invasive image guided interventional therapies.

After a year at UCSF, Dr. Baghdanian came to the University of Southern California as an Assistant Professor of Radiology. He is now the clerkship coordinator for the third year medical student clerkship in radiology and is excited to continue his research and role as educator in Southern California. Dr. Arthur Baghdanian continues to specialize in abdominal imaging and non-vascular interventions at both Keck Medical Center and Los Angeles County USC hospital. He is the current chief of fluoroscopy at Keck Medical Center. His primary duties include reading ultrasound studies, abdominal imaging studies (CT, PET CT, MR, and plain film radiographs), supervising and performing GI and GU fluoroscopic studies, supervising and performing ultrasound and CT guided biopsies, and drain placements while supervising residents on service.
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