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Christopher J. Russell, MD, MS
Christopher J. Russell, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
CHL 4650 W Sunset Blvd, Off Campus Los Angeles
As a pediatric hospitalist, I have clinical expertise in the acute medical management and coordination of care for children with medical complexity, including patients with tracheostomies admitted with bacterial respiratory tract infections. My long-term career goal is to become an independent clinical researcher focusing on improving evidence-based care of hospitalized children with complex conditions, particularly for pediatric patients with tracheostomies. The aims of my current research projects are to determine risk factors for development of bacterial lower respiratory tract infections in patients after initial tracheostomy placement and to document the evolution of the respiratory tract microbiome after treatment of lower respiratory tract infections in tracheostomized patients.

Society for Pediatric Research: Member, 2019

Pasadena Magazine: Top Doctor, 2016-2017

Academic Pediatric Association: Young Investigator Award, 2015-2016

Southern California CTSI: KL2 Mentored Research Career Development Award, 2014-2016

Children's Hospital Los Angeles: Barbara M. Korsch Award in Medical Education, 2012-2013

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