Keck School Faculty

David Wesley Craig

David Wesley Craig

Professor of Translational Genomics
Co-Director, Institute of Translational Genomics
Department of Translational Genomics
1450 Biggy Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

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Dr. Craig is the vice chair of the Department of Translational Genomics at USC and the head of the Molecular Genomics Core at the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Before coming to USC, he was the Deputy Director of Bioinformatics at TGen and Director of the Neurogenomics Division. With over 200 publications, Dr. Craig's expertise is in translational genomics and bioinformatics.
Translational Genomics. Translating genomics from bench to bedside is the foundation of Dr. Craig's research. He co-founded the CAP/CLIA-accredited Ashion Labs. Also, he helped start TGen's Center for Rare Childhood Disorders ( and got over a thousand families to join the study of diseases with unknown genetic causes. His group has worked to develop shared standards and datasets, serving as a co-PI on 1000 Genomes. (i) Neurological disorders. He has had collaborative publications in bipolar disorder (>45 pubs), Alzheimer's disease (>15 pubs), and pediatric neurology (>30 pubs). As part of the Accelerated Medicine Partnership in Parkinson's Disorder (AMP-PD), his group recently led the longitudinal analysis of over 8,500 transcriptomes from 1600 people. (ii) Oncology. His research in somatic heterogeneity and disease progression has led to collaborations developing genomic methods in oncology. His group was one of the first to study whole-genome and transcriptome profiling to treat metastatic triple-negative breast cancer.
Development of integrative genomic tools. In the past 15 years, Dr. Craig's lab has used genomics to make experimental and computational tools that connect engineering, biotechnology, and clinical care. His group published one of the first methods for Illumina multiplexed sequencing in 2008 (Nature Methods). Integration of DNA and RNA is a primary focus, with papers and patents on cryptic splicing, fusion detection, X-skewing, and variant prioritization in cancer. The second area of focus in genomics has been untangling mixtures, which is very important in oncology. These approaches have led to many significant papers, including one of the most influential papers on data privacy problems.
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