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Edward Lawrence Avol, MS
Edward Lawrence Avol, MS
Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine;Division Chief, Environmental Health
Environmental Health
SSB 230C 2001 N. Soto Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Ed Avol is Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine, with expertise in exposure assessment and acute/chronic respiratory and cardiovascular effects of airborne pollutants in populations at risk (including children, athletes, and subjects with compromised lung function). He was the Deputy Director of the Children's Health Study and is a key investigator in multiple ongoing investigations of the effects of environmental exposures on human health. He is the Director of the Spatial Exposure and Analytics Core (SEAC) in the NIEHS-supported Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center, Director of the Population Resources Core of the FDA-sponsored Tobacco Research Center, and is a co-investigator on several NIH and regional studies to assess the association of air pollution with children's respiratory health. Professor Avol both teaches in and leads the undergraduate Environmental Health teaching track through the Health Promotion program at USC. He is also actively involved in community outreach efforts, particularly with regard to health and air quality issues associated with Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport operations and expansions.

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