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Elaine Kaptein, MD
Elaine Kaptein, MD
Professor of Medicine (Part-Time)
IRD 808 2020 Zonal Ave. Off Campus Los Angeles
A native of Saskatchewan, Canada, Dr. Kaptein began teaching at the Keck School of Medicine in the Endocrinology Division in 1977. She became a tenured Professor of Medicine in 1990, a position she currently holds. Dr. Kaptein is a distinguished member of the Western Society for Clinical Investigation, American Society of Nephrology, the Endocrine Society and the American Thyroid Association. An accomplished researcher and lecturer, Dr. Kaptein has been invited to speak on the topics of Endocrinology and Nephrology in such cities as Montreal, Milan, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Vienna and Rotterdam, to name a few.

Renal Organ System, Course Director: Teaching Award, Outstanding Year II Course, 2000

NIH: Grant R01 DK31431, 1984-1990

American College of Physicians: Fellow, 1981

NIH: General Clinical Research Center Physician Grant, 1980-1982

Royal College of Physicians of Canada : Fellow, 1978

University of Saskatchewan : Student Research Scholarship, 1969-1971

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