Keck School Faculty

Jan Marie Shoenberger

Jan Marie Shoenberger

Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine (Clinician Educator)
Vice Chair for Operations and Clinical Education
Emergency Medicine
GNH 1011, 1200 N State Street Rm 1011 Off Campus Los Angeles

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After graduating from the USC Keck School of Medicine in 1999, Jan Shoenberger completed her internship in internal medicine at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California. She began her residency training the following year at LAC+USC. After serving as Chief Resident in 2002-2003, she joined the residency office as Assistant Program Director. Dr. Shoenberger was appointed Associate Program Director in 2005 and moved on to the Program Director position in January 2011. She holds an appointment as Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine. She is a fellow of both the American College of Emergency Physicians as well as the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.
Dr. Shoenberger has gained recognition as a speaker on the national level at ACEP's annual Scientific Assembly and at several other courses. In addition to her board certification in Emergency Medicine, she became board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine in 2010. Her primary research interest lies in the interface between palliative medicine and emergency medicine. She has authored numerous peer reviewed papers and book chapters in emergency medicine.
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