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Jay Acharya

Jay Acharya

Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology (Part-Time)
BAB 1200 State St Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

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Jay Acharya is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology. Dr. Acharya is the Associate Chief of the Neuroradiology division, as well as the Director of Spine Imaging and Intervention. He serves as the Program Director for the Neuroradiology Fellowship program. He received his medical degree at New York Medical College and also completed residency in Diagnostic Radiology at New York Medical College. He completed fellowship training in Neuroradiology at the University of Southern California. He has a specific interest in spinal intervention, particularly relating to spine oncology. Dr. Acharya also has research interests, including collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering on the University Park Campus, where a 0.55 T MR scanner is housed. Dr. Acharya has presented multiple lectures, educational exhibits, and posters at national and international meetings and is a member of the American Society of Neuroradiology, American Society of Spine Radiology, Western Neuroradiological Society, Radiological Society of North America, and American Roentgen Ray Society.
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