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Jorge N. Artaza, PhD
Jorge N. Artaza, PhD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medical Education (Part-Time)
Medical Education
MCA 144 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

UK Society for Endocrinology: UK Society for Endocrinology's Journal Award, 2015

American Federation for Medical Research: AFMR Scholar Award, 2012

NIH-NIDDK-NMRI: Basic Science Research Award, 2011

NIDDK-NIH-NMRI: Excellence in Research Award, 2009

American Federation for Medical Research: Endocrinology Scholar Award, 2006-2008

American Federation for Medical Research: Glaxo Smith-Kline Endocrinology Scholar Award, 2004

Endocrine Society: Glenn Foundation Endocrinology and Aging Grant Award, 2004

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