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Luanda Grazette, MD

Luanda Grazette, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
HCC 322 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles

National Institute of Health: K01 Mentored Faculty Development Award, 2000-2005

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Dr. Luanda Grazette completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama and went on to Harvard to earn her Medical Degree and Masters Degree in Public Health. She then completed her internship and residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston followed by Fellowship training in Clinical Cardiology at Emory University. After completing her fellowship, Dr. Grazette returned to Massachusetts General Hospital for additional training in Heart Failure and Transplantation and Heart Failure Research and then remained on staff as a Physician-Scientist.

Her experience with follow-up care of transplant patients, supervision of students and fellows, and management of pre- and post-transplant patients in critical care settings and inpatient consultation makes her a tremendous asset to USC. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Dr. Grazette engaged in active clinical and translational research investigating the basic mechanisms of cardiac toxicity, plasticty and survival. Dr Grazette has also served as a Medical Director of Global Clinical Research for Amgen where she overseeing early and late stage clinical trials. Myocardial plasticity and the potential for recovery remain the focus of her clinical and research activities.
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