Michael A Schumacher

Assistant Professor of Research Pediatrics

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My lab studies fundamental immune and epithelial drivers of tissue remodeling & regeneration in the gut with a focus on discovering new ways to treat inflammatory disease like ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s disease.

Using large-scale transcriptomic datasets paired with organoid experiments and in vivo analysis, our studies address how immune signals in the intestinal tract interact with stem and crypt base secretory cells (e.g., deep crypt secretory cells) to promote intestinal health and the response to disease.


  • NIDDK: NIH K01, 2022-2025
  • CHLA TSRI: Ellison RCDA, 2022-2024
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: CDA, 2018-2021
  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation: RFA, 2015-2018
  • Albert J Ryan Foundation: Ryan Fellowship, 2012-2014


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