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Naomi Rachel Schechter, MD
Naomi Rachel Schechter, MD
Associate Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology;Director of Quality & Safety - Keck Medical Center
Radiation Oncology
GNH 1100 N. State Street Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Naomi Rachel Schechter is an Associate Professor of Clinical and Director of Quality and Safety at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Keck Medical Center of USC, specializing in the treatment of head and neck and breast cancers.  As the Director of Quality and Safety for Radiation Oncology, she plays a central role in building uniformity in policies and procedures, adopting national best practices and enforcing quality control and quality improvement in radiation oncology across the USC Health system.

Prior to coming to USC, she was on faculty at the University of California, San Francisco for 7 years where she served as Vice Chair and Director of Quality Assurance and Patient Safety in the UCSF Department of Radiation Oncology. She was previously on faculty at the University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, TX for 6 years.  She also served as a radiation oncologist at The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG) at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center for 2 years treating a wide variety of cancers including using high dose rate brachytherapy for endometrial cancers.

She has received numerous awards, including being elected to Best Doctors in America.

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