Richard George Barbers, MD

Professor of Clinical Medicine

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Dr. Barbers’ clinical interests include asthma, lung transplantation, allergy and clinical immunology and cough. Dr. Barbers also performs bronchial thermoplasty in selected asthma patients as well as noninvasive endobrochial valves insertion in selected COPD patients. His research interests include role of innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in severe asthma and airway remodeling. He is also examining the role of autophagy (repair and regeneration of cells) in asthma.

Dr. Barbers earned his medical degree from Georgetown University. He then went on to complete two fellowships, one in Clinical Immunology and Allergy, and the other in Pulmonary Disease both at UCLA. After teaching and practicing medicine at UCLA and the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Barbers joined the Keck School of Medicine faculty in 1990. Dr. Barbers’ teaching subjects include lung transplantation and asthma and he has published and lectured extensively in these areas.


  • American Thoracic Society: Fellow, 2019
  • USC, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine: Teacher of the Year, 2009


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