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Shigang Xiong, MD, PhD
Shigang Xiong, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Research Medicine
NOR 5429 Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Xiong's research interests include neuroimmune interaction in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases, intracellular iron signaling for IKK and NF-kB activation in Kupffer cells, hepatic stem cells and liver reconstruction, and prostate cancer transdifferentiation and endocrinology.

Dr. Xiong earned his medical degree from Bengbu Medical College. He stayed on to perform his internship and residency in pathology. Dr. Xiong then completed his Master's in Pathology from Anhui Medical University, followed by his PhD in Oncology from Peking Union Medical College. He also completed two pathology fellowships.

53rd Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases: Outstanding Research Award, 2002

Cooley's Anemia Foundation: Research Fellowship, 2001-2002

Cooley's Anemia Foundation: Research Fellowship, 2000-2001

Irish National Foundation for Children Research: Senior Research Fellowship, 1996-1998

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