Keck School Faculty

Vito Campese, MD
Vito Campese, MD
Retired Faculty
Emeriti Center
Los Angeles
A native of Bari, Italy, Dr. Campese graduated medical school summa cum laude before coming to the Keck School of Medicine on a fellowship in 1974. Since his time at USC, Dr. Campese has established himself as one on the most prominent nephrologists in the field and currently heads Keck’s division of Nephrology.

In addition to his numerous academic and administrative appointments, Dr. Campese is a former president of the Italian-American Society of Nephrologists and is currently a member of the Program Committee on the Council on High Blood Pressure Research for the American Heart Association.

The Italians Society of Nephrology : Honorary Membership, 2007

: University Kidney Disease Research Disease, 2006

Rotary Club International: Rotary Club Contribution to Science Award, 2002

: The Regione Puglia Targa d'Oro Award for Contribution to Science, 1991

: The Domenico Cotugno Medal and Award in Nephrology, 1988

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