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Alexander Lerner, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiology
GNH 3550 Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 226 7425


Dr. Lerner graduated from State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine in 2002. He completed a transitional year internship at Wilson Memorial Medical Center in Johnson City, NY from 2002 – 2003, and completed a diagnostic radiology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Jacobi Medical Center in Bronx, NY in 2007. He then completed a neuroradiology fellowship at USC, where he has remained and is currently a visiting assistant professor of radiology and neuroradiology clinical clerkship coordinator. Dr. Lerner is a participant in radiology at the local, regional and national level. He is an active member of Los Angeles Radiological Society and a member of the American Society of Neuroradiology. He is also an active member of the Radioloc Society of North America. Dr. Lerner has also made an educational presentation at American Society of Spine Radiology in 2008.


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