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Cheng Ji, PhD
Associate Professor of Research Medicine
HMR 805 2011 Zonal Avenue Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
+1 323 442 2224


Dr. Ji's research interests include cellular organelle (endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi, lysosome, mitochondria) stress and liver disease, hyperhomocysteinemia, hepatotoxicity of anti-HIV drugs and alcohol, molecular mechanisms of pathogen-host interactions, and tacking drug/alcohol intoxication with nanotechnology.

Dr. Ji graduated and worked as a faculty at SJTU in 1985, earned his PhD from University of Kentucky, and completed two fellowships in Pathology/Medicine at University of California and Keck School of Medicine of USC, respectively. He joined faculty of Keck School of Medicine in 2002.


NIH: R01DA042632, Principal Investigator, 2017-2022

NIH: R21AA023952; Principal Investigator, 2015-2018

NIH: R21AA023952; Principal Investigator, 2015-2017

NIH: R01AA018612; Principal Investigator, 2010-2016

NIH: R01AA018846; Principal Investigator, 2009-2015

NIH: R01AA018846; Principal Investigator, 2009-2014

NIH: R01AA014428; co-P.I., 2003-2015

Private Foundation: May R. Wright Award# 263, 2003-2005

May R. Wright Foundation: Award No. 263, 2003-2005

NIH: R01AA014428; Co-PI, 2002-2015

NIH: Research Fellowship, 2000-2002

NIH: Senior Fellowship Award, 2000-2002

USDA: 58-3620-5-148; Principal Investigator, 1998-1999

USDA: RC58-3620-5-148; Principal Investigator, 1998-1999

USDA: 9501093; co-Investigator, 1997-1998

USDA: USDA 9501093; co-PI, 1997-1998

NSF: MCB9408999; fellowship, 1996-1998

NSF: MCB9408999; co-Investigator, 1996-1998

NSF: MCB9408999; co-PI, 1996-1998


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