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John Traian Nicoloff, MD
Professor of Medicine
Bernard J. Hanley Chair in Medicine
IRD 620 Off Campus Los Angeles
+1 626 993 2810


Dr. Nicoloff's current research includes hormonal factors regulating human pituitary TSH release, mechanism of nonsuppressible thyroxine secretion, alternate routes of T4 and T3 metabolism, and significance of circulating serum thyroglobulin in the management of neoplastic and other thyroid disease states.

Dr. Nicoloff earned his medical degree from University of California, Los Angeles. Following his residency, he went on to complete a Metabolism Fellowship at University of Washington- Kings County Hospital.


American Thyroid Association: Thyroid Pathophysiology Medal, 2006

American Thyroid Association: Distinguished Service Award, 2004

American Thyroid Association: Paul Starr Award, 1984

Nathan and Zora Zolen: Medical Scholarship, 1958

Lederle Laboratories: Graduate Scholar, 1956

Harper Foundation: Scholarship, 1955-1957


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