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Wei-Chung Chen, MD
Clinical Instructor of Medicine (Fellow)
1520 SAN PABLO Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles


National Institute of Mental Health: NIH/NIMH Sponsored NRSA T32 Fellowship in Geriatric Mental Health, 2009

American College of Physicians: ACP National Medical Students Abstract Competition Finalist , 2009

American Heart Association: American Heart Assoc. Western States Affiliate Medical Student Research Award, 2008

National Institute of Aging: National Institute of Aging Medical Student Training in Aging Research Award, 2008

Yale University: Yale Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases Summer Fellowship Award, 2006

Duke University: Phi Beta Kappa National Academic Honor Society, 2005

Duke University: Graduation with Distinction Department of Biological Anthropology and Anatomy, 2005

Duke University: Duke University Dean’s List with Distinction, 2004-2005

Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Howard Hughes Fellowships For Neuorsciences , 2004

Duke University: Duke University Giorgio Ciompi Music Scholarships, 2004

Duke University: Duke University Larry and Violet H. Turner Music Scholarships, 2003

Duke University: Duke University Undergraduate Research Support Program, 2002-2003

City of Hope: City of Hope Beckman Research Institute Research Program, 2001-2002

National Merit Scholarship Corporation: National Merit Scholarship Commended Scholar, 2001

State of California: California Governor’s Scholar, 2001


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