About the Center for Genetic Epidemiology

Building on USC’s reputation as a leader in genome science, the Keck School of Medicine of USC established the Center for Genetic Epidemiology in 2016. The Center’s team includes geneticists who are leading the way to better understanding the role of genetic factors in health and disease.
Christopher Haiman

Christopher Haiman, ScD
Center Director
Professor of Preventive Medicine
AFLAC Chair in Cancer Research

Our Mission

The mission of the center is to provide a rich collaborative environment for research and training in genetic epidemiology.

Research in the center is focused on the tenets of genetic epidemiology, which includes:

  • Identifying genetic factors underlying complex traits and diseases
  • Understanding the interaction of genetic factors with the environment
  • Investigating the evolutionary consequences of human history leading to present-day diseases and disparity
  • Developing cutting-edge statistical and evolutionary models to advance medical genetic research.

The center’s members study racial and ethnically diverse populations and the role of inherited susceptibility to explain disparities in disease risk. By emphasizing and incorporating population genetic insights from diverse non-European populations, we will improve our understanding of disease biology, risk predictions in underserved populations and, more importantly, broaden the translational impact of genomic medicine on human health.

The center resides within the Division of Epidemiology and Genetics in the Department of Preventive Medicine and is located at USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. Faculty recruitment in the center is underway to identify up-and-coming stars in the field who support the Keck School’s initiatives in genome research and precision medicine.


Amanda Klitgaard
Program Manager

Kimberly Louie
Assistant Research Administrator