Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get information about recurring foundation funding opportunities?

Please forward your e-mail address to to be added to an e-mail distribution list.

How do I determine which foundation I should solicit for funding?

Use a foundation directory to start researching potential funders. These directories may be found at our Office of Foundation Relations, located KAM 302 on the Health Sciences Campus (HSC) or from organizations such as the Foundation Center. Carefully evaluate listings to find potential funders whose grantmaking guidelines match your needs. Consider each funder’s geographic restrictions.

How can I determine if USC alumni or faculty sit on a particular foundation board?

The Office of Foundation Relations, Research at (323) 442-2340 has access to this information.

How can I determine the level of funding I might request?

Discuss with the Office of Foundation Relations.

What does the foundation really expect in the way of a proposal (e.g., length, details, etc.)?

Foundation expectations fit no one particular formula. Therefore, communication between you and the Office of Foundation Relations and with the prospective foundation before submission is critical.

What is the process of notifying faculty about potential funding opportunities?

The Weekly and E-mail.

Does the Foundation Relations staff assist in proposal writing?

The Foundation Relations staff is responsible for writing only institutional proposals. However, any proposal to a foundation is to be submitted to our office for mandatory review, prior to submission to a foundation. Whenever possible, we provide editorial assistance.

Does the Foundation Relations staff make initial calls to foundations for faculty if no relationship between the faculty and the foundation exists?

Yes, if it is appropriate to do so.