Keck School of Medicine annual White Coat Ceremony
Keck School of Medicine annual White Coat Ceremony

Medical students at White Coat Ceremony

The Keck School may achieve recognition for its research breakthroughs and advances in patient care, but it is measured, first and foremost, by the excellence of its graduates. The school has moved to the forefront of education by introducing a new curriculum and is committed to ensuring that students receive the financial assistance they need to pursue academic excellence. Scholarship support is crucial to allowing all students to achieve their dreams, regardless of economic circumstances. Additionally, medical graduates from around the globe are attracted to the opportunity to train at Los Angeles General Medical Center. Medical resident education support is critical to helping these young doctors succeed in their chosen fields. Contributing to one of the funds below will support the medical leaders of the future.


Fund Description
Dean’s Medical Scholarship Fund The Keck School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that students receive the financial assistance they need to pursue academic excellence while lifting the burden of student loans.
Dean’s 5th Year Research Scholars Fund This fund supports a competitive 5th year fellowship for those medical students who wish to spend an additional year conducting biomedical research in a discipline and area of their choice.
Salerni Collegium Endowed Scholarship Fund Through this fund, Keck School alumni, residents and friends provide critical scholarship support to Keck students.
Parents Association Endowed Scholarship Student debt can affect specialty choice – supporting the Parents Association Endowed Scholarship Fund can give students greater opportunity to pursue their medical interests.
Resident Medical Education Innovation Fund This fund supports our mission to enhance resident education and provide the most up-to-date and patient-focused training.
Althea Alexander Student Support Fund The purpose of the fund is to increase recruitment and retention of underserved minority medical students by providing personal, professional and financial aid.
Area of greatest need If you are uncertain about which scholarship or program areas you would like to support, you may always make an unrestricted gift. These gifts are valuable because they enable funding to go directly to the area of greatest and most immediate need.
KSOM Master’s Program Scholarship Fund Master’s programs offer dynamic and diverse learning opportunities for students pursuing medical and biomedical graduate degrees.
Physician Assistant General Scholarship Fund The Primary Care Physician Assistant Program at the Keck School of Medicine of USC has a long and successful history of training and graduating outstanding clinicians who work in a variety of medical care settings with diverse patient populations.
Preventive MED General Scholarship Fund The Preventive Medicine General Scholarship Fund supports the trailblazing efforts of our dedicated, insightful students who are on a mission to impact public health.

Please contact Molly Gervais at (323) 442-1700 or for more information or additional giving opportunities.