The National Postdoctoral Association is celebrating the 11th annual National Postdoc Appreciation Week Sept. 21-25. 

We’d like to share these words from Ite A. Offringa, PhD, associate professor of surgery, associate dean for PhD Graduate Programs and director of Postdoctoral Affairs:

Dear Postdoctoral Fellows/Researchers,

It’s National Postdoc Appreciation Week, and I want to express USC’s sincere appreciation for all the work you do. It includes not only the science you carry out, but also the mentoring you provide to junior lab members.

Ite Offringa

As more senior scientists in labs, postdocs play a key role in helping guide MS and PhD students, and maybe even undergraduates and high school students. You are a shining example to these young researchers, and an inspiration. We thank you for your hard work and dedication. This week, I urge you to bask in our appreciation, and maybe even take some time to smell the roses. From my own experience, taking a small breather refreshes the mind and allows creative ideas to surface.

I wish you a wonderful week and a fantastic rest of your research stay at USC. We value your contributions!

With warmest regards,

Ite Offringa