Processes and Procedures

Employment and Onboarding

The KSOM Human Resources Department provides consultation and support with the identification of classifying positions, providing benchmark pay information and job posting instruction. KSOM HR is charged with verifying staff position requests meet classification requirements for new hires, rehires, transfers, or internal promotions.



The HR/Payroll Analyst – Limited creates the initial job requisition in Workday. Once the requisition is approved by KSOM HR and other approvers in WD it is posted to the USC Careers Website where applicants can begin to apply and submit online applications.  Current USC employees must apply internally in Workday.

The hiring manager and/or recruiter is responsible for tracking and monitoring the status of online applicants. Compliance with the Department of Labor’s Fair Hiring Practices audit is of the utmost importance to the university. The hiring manager is responsible for reviewing and screening out unqualified applicants. A minimum of three (3) candidates must be interviewed for each job and every applicant file statused by the hiring manager or recruiter.

Reference Check:

Prior to requesting an offer letter, the University requires a reference check to be completed for hires, rehires, transfers and promotions.  Skillsurvey Reference is the preferred method to complete the reference check. Otherwise, reference information may be requested from the final candidate through Workday and a telephone conversation may done with the reference.  A total of 2-4 references should be completed prior to proceeding to the offer stage.


The HR/Payroll Analyst – Limited will move the final candidate to the ‘Offer’ stage and provide KSOM HR the proposed rate of pay and start date.  The proposed hire date may not be sooner than (3) business days upon receipt of the offer request.

Upon making a candidate selection and receiving confirmation that the background screening is pending, the hiring manager completes the Approval for Job Offer Form with the candidate’s name, proposed starting pay rate, with the following information in the comments:

Requisition Number – Job Title

Template Type:
Start Date:
End Date (if fixed-term):
Start Time:
Rate of Pay:
Manager’s Name:
Reference Check Method:

For posting waivers, the Approval for Job Offer Form must be completed with approval signatures from the Senior Department Administrator and Department Chair satisfying the “One level up” University requirement and sent to KSOM HR for processing.

  • Proposed hire date may not be sooner than three (3) days upon receipt of Approval for Job Offer Form.
  • A formal offer letter will be developed and signed by the Director of KSOM Human Resources and sent to the candidate.

The Department HR/Payroll Analyst – Limited will prepare and collect the signed offer letter of acceptance (if it is a posting waiver) and schedule new hire orientation. Payroll documents are to be submitted directly to KSOM HR for processing and onboarding.

Background Screen:

A background screen is required for all hires, rehires, transfers and promotions.  The background screen may not be conducted until after a conditional offer has been extended to the final candidate, the candidate accepts the offer, and the candidate consents to the background screening.  The background screen is initiated through Workday by moving the final candidate to ‘Background Screen’.  ‘University Standard’ is the standard background screen package.  However, ‘University Standard + Education’ is highly recommended.

The background screen does not need to be finalized prior to the start date.  However, if the results of the background screen return unsatisfactory, employment may be interrupted or terminated.


The HR/Payroll Analyst – Limited will move the final candidate to ‘Ready for Hire’.  This will initiate the on-boarding process to request information from the final candidate.  It is critical that managers and The HR/Payroll Analyst – Limited track the process through Workday to ensure that information and processes are completed in a timely manner.  The employee should receive the I-9 transaction and the Notice to Employee (if non-exempt) by the first day of employment.



Performance Management

Performance management is an ongoing process of communication intended to provide feedback, accountability and documentation for performance outcomes. The Workday performance management module is utilized for this purpose.

Annual performance reviews for KSOM staff are conducted at the beginning of each calendar year evaluating performance for the prior year, January – December. Performance review outcomes are used to determine proposed July 1st merit pay adjustments for staff (non-faculty). A current annual performance review is required for staff to be eligible for a merit pay adjustment.

Workday performance management skills training for managers and non-managers is available online at Trojan Learn –

Pay Requests

Pay requests (merit, overload, bonus, market or retention adjustments) are to be submitted directly to KSOM HR for review and processing. KSOM HR will provide guidance and direction with requests received consistent with university pay practices and policies. All pay requests are subject to School, Compensation and Provost approval.

Please refer to the university’s Staff Wage and Salary Guidelines for pay request criteria, justification and approval process information at


Merit adjustment – Pay mechanism based on performance. University policy calls for one (1) annual pay change on July 1st of each year that must be accompanied by a current performance appraisal.
Pay Increase Approval Request Form
Compensation History Spreadsheet Form

Market adjustment – Pay mechanism based on market comparison and benchmarking data
Pay Increase Approval Request Form
Market Adjustment Compensation Review Form
Compensation History Spreadsheet Form

Overload Adjustment – Pay mechanism providing extra compensation for staff employees who perform duties unrelated to his/her normal responsibilities or who temporarily assume additional responsibilities. Overload payments are temporary and may not exceed 12 months and must be pre-approved before overload hours are worked.
Overload Payment Form
Overload History Payment Request Form

Bonus – Pay mechanism rewarding staff employees for past performance and specific accomplishments above and beyond sustained meritorious performance recognized in base salary
Bonus Payment Request Form
Compensation History Spreadsheet Form

Retention – Pay mechanism offered as an incentive to keep an employee on the job
Pay Increase Approval Request Form
Compensation History Spreadsheet Form


The reclassification of a staff employee to a different position is a corrective action that typically occurs when it is determined by Compensation staff (through the position reassessment process) that an employee is utilizing a job description that does not appropriately reflect current duties and responsibilities.

Reclassifications are not the result of changes in an individual’s performance or in anticipation of future changes in duties.

Internal Promotions

An internal promotion occurs when a uniquely qualified employee has demonstrated increased skill level, knowledge and experience and is offered and accepts a new, different position at a higher level, in most cases within the same job family and same department, with increased duties and responsibilities that may have greater authority. The incumbent must be in his/her current position for at least one year and not presently perform the majority of duties and responsibilities of the new position.

Please refer to the university’s Staffing and Classification Procedures for criteria, justification and approval process information.


Quick Reference Guide – Request for Reassessments

Position Questionnaire Form

Job Information Questionnaire


Internal Promotion Overview

Students (on Payroll)

KSOM Human Resources provides support and assistance to departments with hiring, transferring and terminating students on payroll. Please refer to the following for further details:

Leave Benefits

Leave of Absence
Please contact KSOM HR to speak to the KSOM Leave Coordinator for assistance with staff leaves of absence. The Leave Coordinator will educate staff employees about their Rights & Responsibilities options related to Staff Medical Leaves and Pregnancy Leaves; accurately initiate leaves in Workday for record purposes to ensure compliance with university policies and procedures; prepare leave notices and manage supporting documentation; track and manage the leaves in Workday.

Prior to the leave, the Employee or HR Payroll Analyst (HRPAL) must:

  1. Inform KSOM HR of the leave dates and specify the type of leave: Medical, Pregnancy or Personal Leave.
  2. KSOM HR will provide the employee the Leave Notices and assign a deadline of when the Medical Certification is due.
  3. Communicate any new information to KSOM HR which may affect the leave.

While on leave, the employee is responsible for:

  1. Notifying KSOM HR of any changes associated to the leave.
  2. Recording sick or vacation usage in the time reporting system accordingly (Trojan Time or Workday).
  3. When the employee is scheduled to Return To Work, they must contact KSOM HR to provide the return to work date and a Return To Work Medical Certification indicating any work restrictions, if applicable.

California Family Rights Act (CFRA): provides up to 12 weeks unpaid leave to bond with baby within one year of birth of baby or one year from the date the child was placed with employee for adoption or foster care. CFRA must be taken at a minimum of 2 week-increments except on two occasions and provides job protection. Any remaining FMLA runs concurrently. Same eligibility requirements as FMLA.

Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA): provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave and job protection. To be eligible you must have worked at least 12 months for university and have worked 1,250 hours in the 12 months prior to start of the leave.

Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL): provides up to 4 months (17 weeks plus 3 working days) of unpaid leave due to pregnancy, childbirth, or medical related condition due to pregnancy. Runs concurrently with FMLA and provides job protection.

University web resources:
Benefits Website –
Family Care and Medical Leave Policy –
Leaving USC –
Medical Leave –
Medical Leave Policy –
Pregnancy Related Leave –
Sick Leave Policy –
Vacation Leave Policy –

Employee Relations

Coaching and Counseling – KSOM Human Resources is a resource for support and assistance with employment disputes between staff and supervisors. We partner closely with central University departments charged with investigating complaints to ensure compliance with University policies and practices.

Progressive Discipline Guidance – KSOM HR provides counsel and recommendations relative to progressive discipline guidelines, expectations, and implementation.


Staff Disciplinary Practices –
Code of Ethics –
Terminations –

Layoffs and Reorganizations

The KSOM Human Resources Department provides assistance and guidance with layoffs and reorganizations. This includes support at the department level with action plans and proposals, and to staff with policy interpretation, questions pertaining to severance benefits and transition considerations.


USC Employee Gateway

USC Employee Gateway –

USC Manager Gateway

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