About the Integrative Anatomical Sciences PhD Program

A PhD in Integrative Anatomical Sciences will provide students with a broad foundation in the anatomical sciences, including human gross anatomy, microanatomy, and neuroanatomy. Students will build on this foundation to develop detailed expertise in their chosen area of research under the guidance of the faculty in the Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences. Faculty research interests span a wide range of topics including evolutionary morphology, comparative biomechanics, and integrative physiology. The core course work provides in-depth training in fundamental anatomical sciences including cadaveric dissection and microscopic study of tissues. This program is aimed at preparing students for tenure and non-tenure track teaching and research faculty positions in medical schools, basic science departments, and research museums.

The faculty in the Department of Integrative Anatomical Sciences comprise one of the largest groups of evolutionary morphologists in the country, and the PhD in IAS is the only major PhD program in the anatomical sciences on the west coast of the United States. Our collaborative approach to research and teaching ensures that students receive a broad background in anatomical sciences and in-depth training in techniques specific to their dissertation research. Under the guidance of the faculty, students have the opportunity to participate in field work, both nationally and internationally, and have access to world-class resources such as the Keck School of Medicine’s Molecular Imaging Center and the research collections at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, where many of our faculty have institutional affiliations.

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