Ling Shao

Ling Shao

Assistant Professor of Medicine
HMR 2011 Zonal Avenue Off Campus Los Angeles

Division of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases, USC: GI Fellows Teaching Award, 2015

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Working Group: The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Working Group Fellowship Award, 2012

The Arnold P. Gold Foundation: The Arnold P. Gold Humanism Honor Society, 2006

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine: The Mount Sinai Student Council Teamwork Award, 2006

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation: The Jeffrey Modell Foundation Award, 2005

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine: The Mount Sinai Graduate School Service Award, 2003

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Dr. Shao's major areas of research interest are inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal epithelial cells, inflammation and immunology. His major area of research interest is the role that intestinal epithelial cells play in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. Specifically, he studies how genetics, the immune system, and the microbiome may influence epithelial wound healing, but also predisposes patients to developing colon cancer. He also studies the underlying immune mechanisms of why patients develop resistance to certain medications used to treat inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr. Shao earned his medical degree from The Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He then performed his residency at University of California, San Francisco, and then stayed on to complete a Gastroenterology Fellowship.
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