New members are identified by suggestion of various members of the Executive Committee, by application/letter-of-intent for P/F project funding or by request for access to services of Core facilities. An application form (below) is submitted to the Administrator for review by the Executive Committee who determine suitability of the candidate based on relevance to the Themes of the Center and projected use of Core facilities. Temporary membership may be granted for those seeking urgent access to Cores, but this must be ratified by the full Committee

Responsibilities of Liver Center Membership

Acknowledgment of the Liver Center in your abstracts and publications

  • Citation of the Liver Center as a professional affiliation
  • Acknowledgement of specific Liver Center support where appropriate (core use, pilot funding)
  • Link all liver-related publications to P30 DK048522 in PMCID

Apply for Membership

Applications for membership are accepted year-round and reviewed monthly. Instructions for application can be downloaded here.