Degree Programs

Master of Academic Medicine

Our goal is to cultivate leaders who will develop and advance programs in health professions education. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on four roles of faculty in the health professions: teacher, leader, scholar, and mentor. Graduates are well prepared to guide future generations of health professionals toward better meeting the health needs of our global society and promoting the wellbeing of future providers.

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Master of Science in Narrative Medicine

The Master of Science in Narrative Medicine degree offered by the Keck School of Medicine is the first Narrative Medicine MS offered on the west coast, and second in the country.

The MS in Narrative Medicine is an interdisciplinary program, integrating narrative theory, practical experience, and research methods in the study of the ethical, philosophical, and sociocultural foundations of clinical relationships. To gain insight into the power of narrative and to develop a critical understanding of the nuance and complexity of storytelling, students in this program are trained in methods of close reading, attentive listening, and reflective writing in the service of professional development and civic outreach.

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Undergraduate Minor in Health Care Studies

The Keck Minor in Health Care Studies launched in 2012 and is designed to enhance the educational experience of the pre-health professional student. Students engage in coursework and learn skills that are practical and relevant to the foundation necessary for a future career in health care. Course faculty are practicing clinicians and researchers at the Keck School of Medicine. The curriculum fosters development of professionalism in pre-health students and provides clinically relevant education and application of the basic sciences. Students are given practical hands-on activity and clinical experiences in the hospital, simulation lab, cadaver lab, and other unique settings not typically offered at an undergraduate level. Student mentorship is facilitated through research and clinical opportunities with practicing health care professionals.

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