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Keck Evaluation Institutional Reporting/Research, and Assessment

KEIRA Office

The Keck Evaluation Institutional Reporting/Research, and Assessment (KEIRA) Office aims to transform the training of medical professionals through research, service, and education. We support evidence-based decision-making by providing accurate and timely information about students, faculty, and curricular programming. We build the capacity of medical educators to consume and use data. And, we conduct educational research and evaluation studies to grow the knowledge-base on what works, for whom, and under what conditions in medical education.

Evaluation, Assessment, Reporting

Course and Faculty Evaluation

The Keck School of Medicine of USC requires that students provide feedback on their educational experiences by completing course and faculty evaluations throughout the academic year.

In Years I and II, students are asked to evaluate the quality of course content and faculty teaching as delivered in lectures, small groups, labs, and the organ system as a whole. In Years III and IV, students are asked to evaluate the quality of their clerkship experience, including the diversity of patients with whom they were able to work. Evaluations of pilot courses occur in a similar fashion. Feedback on the quality of faculty teaching as delivered across various learning environments is sought and collected through numerical ratings and written comments. Results are collated and disseminated to Organ System Chairs, Discipline Coordinators, Clerkship Directors, Teaching Faculty, the Associate Dean of Curriculum, and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Results also inform curricular decision-making in the Year I-II and Year III-IV Curriculum Committee Meetings.

Student Performance Assessment

Assessment of student performance is conducted formatively and summatively. Formative assessments methods include faculty-designed assignments and quizzes, depending on the learning objectives being addressed. Written, clinical, and computer-based exams are administered for summative assessments, which take place at the end of each organ system and clerkship in the pre-clinical and clinical curriculum, respectively.

Relevant exam results are reported to students, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the appropriate teaching faculty, the Year I-II Student Performance Committee, and the Year III-IV Committee on Performance, Professionalism, and Promotion.

Further, summative assessment results (i.e., exam results) and statistical analyses of exam items (i.e., item analyses) are used by the teaching faculty and faculty within the Medical Education Department to set performance standards, to improve future assessments, and to ensure alignment between the learning objectives, curriculum, and assessments themselves.

Institutional Reporting and Research

KEIRA maintains longitudinal databases containing information about applicants, matriculants, and alumni. Data are imported from various sources, including the national AMCAS System, various exam platforms, and AAMC.

Requests for administrative reports are processed annually and on an as-needed basis. Reports have focused on, for example, student performance across the curriculum by cohort, performance of students in various academic programs (e.g., HTE, MD/DDS, scholarship/fellowship recipients, etc.), and longitudinal monitoring of student performance across cohorts. Stakeholders and audiences served include:

  • Admissions Office
  • Diversity Office
  • Educational Affairs Office
  • Student Affairs Office
  • Year I-II Curriculum Committee
  • Year III-IV Curriculum Committee
  • Year I-II Student Performance Committee
  • Year III-IV Committee on Performance, Professionalism, and Promotion

Further, reports that KEIRA generates serve as starting points for the design and conduct of institutional-level research studies. Studies are initiated by faculty within the Medical Education Department, faculty across the Keck School of Medicine of USC, and Keck medical students. Studies have been accepted for presentation at regional and national conferences as well as publication in peer-reviewed outlets.

Faculty and Staff

Anne T. Vo, Ph.D
Associate Director of Evaluation

Barbara McMillan
Program Specialist

To be named
Evaluation Assistant

To be named
Assessment Assistant

To be named
Institutional Reporting Assistant