Progressive Masters Program for Undergraduates

The Progressive MS Program is designed to enable students to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in five years. The program established by USC for its undergraduates is described at the Progressive Degrees website.

The application process is facilitated by submission of application materials to the Program at no later than early in the Spring Term of Junior year in order to schedule interviews with potential mentors. The materials do not need to be submitted to

Earning the Medical Physiology MS degree normally requires completion of 32 units. A typical course sequence for student enrolled in the Progressive Masters program is shown below. Requests to waive or make substitutions will be considered on an individual basis. “Year” refers to year of collegiate education.

Year 1, 2, and 3 Undergraduate Courses
Year 3: Summer 0 units Work in laboratory of MPHY thesis mentor.
Year 4: Fall Complete requirements for undergraduate degree
INTD 531 4 units Cell Biology (elective)
Year 4: Spring MPHY 573 4 units Medical Physiology – 2
INTD 510L 4 units Principles of Statistics (elective)
PHBI 550 0 units Advanced Topics in Medical Physiology
Year 4: Summer MPHY 594a 2 units Master’s Research
INTD 500 0 units Ethics and Accountability in Biomedical Research
Year 5: Fall MPHY 572 4 units Medical Physiology – 1
INTD 561 4 units Molecular Biology (elective)
PHBI 550 1 unit Advanced Topics in Medical Physiology
Year 5: Spring PHBI 550 1 unit Advanced Topics in Medical Physiology
MPHY 594b 2 units Master’s Research
Elective(s) > 0 units Elective(s) relevant to research interests
MPHY 590 * units Directed Research
*Units adjusted to meet 32 unit requirement