Hugo R. Rosen, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine
Telephone: (323) 442-5250

Michael Karp, MD
Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs
Telephone: (323) 409-6571

Ron Ben-Ari, MD
Vice Chair, County Affairs
Telephone: (323) 409-7676

Eric Hsieh, MD
Vice Chair, Educational Affairs
Telephone: (323) 409-7663

Santhi Kumar, MD
Vice Chair, Quality and Safety
Telephone: (323) 442-5369

Donna Brown
Strategic Business and Planning Officer
Telephone: (323) 442-5250

Angie Ibanez
Accounting Director
Telephone: (323) 409-6656

Anh Hwang
Research and Financial Reporting Manager
Telephone: (323) 409-7590

Andrew Young, DO
LAC+USC Service Chief, Department of Medicine
Telephone: (323) 409-6571


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