Brenda Elaine Jones
Brenda Elaine Jones
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine (Part-Time)
Rand Schrader Clinic Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles
Dr. Jones is the USC Principal Investigator of the tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic study, \Evaluation of the 4th Generation Quantiferon TB Test (CST001) for the Detection of Tuberculosis Infection.\ The 4th Generation Quantiferon TB test aims to further increase the sensitivity of the assay in immunocompromised patients as well as to possibly aid in differentiating latent TB infection from active TB disease.\n\nDr. Jones earned her medical degree from Howard University School of Medicine. She then went on to complete her fellowship and post doctoral research at USC, specializing in Infectious Diseases and Hematology.

Western Society for Clinical Investigation: Elected Member, 2008

American Society for Microbiology: Saber Fellowship Award, 1991

AIDS Healthcare Foundation: Golden Heart Award, 1991

: National Merit Scholar, 1974

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