About MESH (Medicine, Engineering, Science and Humanities)

In an increasingly interconnected world facing significant health challenges, we must keep accelerating the pace of groundbreaking discoveries and their translation into revolutionary therapies. These objectives require even greater convergence of multiple disciplines, including medicine, engineering, science and humanities (MESH).

The MESH Academy is a joint initiative of the Dean of the Keck School of Medicine and the USC Office of the Provost. The mission of the MESH Academy at USC is to empower the convergence of research in medicine, engineering, sciences, and humanities through educational programs, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and corporate relations to address challenges in human health and disease. To execute on the MESH mission, the team has three primary areas of focus:

  • Innovation: MESH will provide incentives for researchers pursuing cutting edge multidisciplinary projects and broaden the infrastructure supporting entrepreneurs and new ventures in human health and disease.
  • Education: MESH will offer educational programs at all levels, from undergraduates and graduates to postgraduates and faculty, emphasizing curricula in innovation, entrepreneurship and the convergence of research disciplines.
  • Connection: MESH will foster team science across disciplines and USC campuses and provide referrals that increase utilization of existing resources. MESH will also increase connections to external innovation communities through business development and corporate relations.

In all its projects and programs, MESH will focus on those with the potential to positively impact human health.

The MESH (Medicine, Engineering, Science and Humanities) Academy collaborates across the broader USC community to increase interdisciplinarity, enhance research support and speed the pace of translation. MESH is a joint initiative supported by the Dean of the Keck School of Medicine and the USC Office of the Provost. We strive to support the wide-ranging routes to innovation at USC and to facilitate multidisciplinary solutions to human disease across the USC community.


Each of the MESH disciplines will play a key role in the Academy:

  • Medicine: MESH is physically based at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and emphasizes research with potential benefits to human health.
  • Engineering: Engineering, especially biomedical engineering, intersects significantly with the goal of improving human health. MESH seeks more connections between engineers and clinicians.
  • Science: Many discoveries with the potential to cure disease will arise from basic research in biology, chemistry and physics. MESH seeks to connect basic researchers to clinicians and other collaborators to enable innovation and translation.
  • Humanities: Ethics, social work, health economics, medical humanities and many other disciplines within the broad humanities umbrella intersect with health and disease. MESH seeks to connect researchers, clinicians and educators across not only the traditional life sciences but also the humanities to generate insights and technologies that are truly patient-centered.

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