About MESH (Medicine, Engineering, Science and Humanities)


Empower the convergence of research disciplines to address the challenges in human health and disease.

MESH was formed to create a connective tissue across disciplines to combine USC’s strengths to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking discoveries and their translation into revolutionary therapies.

MESH works with USC researchers, physicians, and students to create new conceptual and translational innovations, build transdisciplinary teams, collaborate with industry, and to develop curriculum to train the next generation of bioscience innovators.

The MESH) Academy is a program jointly supported by the Dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC and the USC Office of the Provost.

MESH Chart

MESH Academy Services

To execute on our mission, the MESH Academy provides the following services to all USC faculty, researchers, students, and staff.

Faculty Engagement

Connect USC researchers across disciplines.

Convene research team-building.

Support USC researchers in developing  transdisciplinary proposals.

Business Development & Industry Relations (BDIR)

Build relationships with USC researchers, physicians, and industry to create long-term value.

Provide mentorship and support to aspiring USC entrepreneurs and startups.

Engage with local and global innovation ecosystems to support bioscience initiatives.

Transdisciplinary Education

Develop curricula integrating innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

Advance health innovation education for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students.

Develop future workforce training programs.

Events & Networking

Produce specialized events, industry-focused meetings, and scientific roundtables.Forge networks within USC and beyond.

Promote awareness of USC research capabilities through news articles and social media channels.