Business Development and Industry Relations (BDIR)

The Business Development and Industry Relations team at the Keck School of Medicine is dedicated to developing mutually beneficial relationships between USC and industry and nurturing them to create long-term value.

The USC MESH BDIR team is here to:

  • Offer a concierge service that is mutually beneficial to USC and Industry partners by providing facilitated access to USC’s diverse expertise, technologies, and ideas available for various business development purposes.
  • Provide a holistic approach to meeting academic and business needs that go beyond a single-transaction experience.
  • Generate & qualify new leads that may come from internal or external referrals, the evolution of existing partnerships, or from successful marketing and outreach activities
  • Secure cross-campus coordination and communication across all areas of the university (research support, student recruiting, economic development, education, sponsored research, licensing, procurement and vendor relations, etc.).
  • Develop a portfolio of diverse opportunities to create enduring industry partnerships that will fuel the innovation engine through various levels of engagement.

The Keck School of Medicine has 23 academic departments and more than 30 research centers and institutes, and hospital/clinical complexes. Contact the USC MESH BDIR team (Vasiliki Anest or Melissa Rodgers) to help you navigate the USC innovation community, catalyze faculty-industry interactions, and co-develop action plans (exploratory, narrow, or structured).

BDIR contributes to the USC innovation ecosystem by feeding the innovation funnel with qualified external sourcing opportunities that can link to internal research innovation and commercialization resources such as Keck Foundation Relations, USC Stevens Center for Innovation, and Alfred Mann Institute.


Types of Academic-Industry Engagement

We recognize there are various ways that industry can engage with USC that can be multi-faceted in nature from involvement with researchers and students, access to resources, involvement with centers of expertise, to economic development. Our expert team works with USC (senior administration, faculty, various business offices) and industry representatives to formulate partnering strategies that reflect the needs and aspirations of all parties.


Business Development & Industry Relations Process

The MESH BDIR team has extensive experience in various business models and can add value by identifying the type of engagement needed, match it with the right level of business outcome that should support the engagement, and partner with the relevant business office at USC (for example: Department of Contracts and Grants, USC Stevens Center for Innovation, Alfred Mann Institute, Keck Foundation Relations) to successfully execute on the opportunity.


The Keck School of Medicine of USC: Funding Facts, Figures, and Research Highlights

  • The Keck strategic plan involves a set of Signature Research Programs developed with the School’s research leaders to bridge School and University strengths with external funding opportunities.
  • Click here to view the cluster of USC life science research institutes and centers !


Collaboration with Industry and the LA Bioscience Ecosystem

USC is part of a local and global innovation ecosystem and we are proud to have relationships with a variety of professional organizations and industry collaborators.