Develop a Faculty Profile

Are you interested in finding collaborators internally at USC, building a convergence team, or showcasing your research to industry? MESH is here to help.

We will help develop personalized collateral that highlights your research strengths and capabilities that are differentiators for industry and your interests to connect and collaborate externally. 


Who: KSOM faculty seeking to increase awareness of research and engage with industry

Audience: Industry across life science sectors; target audiences are unique to each faculty’s needs

Process: 1) Confirm faculty interest, 2) Develop profile draft to provide faculty and iterate until complete, and 3) Translate into final profile format

Execution: Promote through digital and traditional channels to maximize exposure

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Anticipated Outcomes

Secure new connections with Industry that may result in various types of engagement (e.g. sponsored research, in-kind contributions, startup support, fellowships, consulting opportunities)

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Interested in having us develop a profile for you? Please contact Mary Bass, Assistant Director of Faculty Engagement: