Training & Education


Students and trainees have the opportunity to work alongside national research leaders studying a wide variety of topics

The Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI) offers a range of research programs designed to prepare graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to conduct diverse independent research. A great diversity of research areas include themes in virology (AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, papilloma, virus-induced cancers, viral pathogenesis), immunology (vaccine development, autoimmune diseases, allergy, asthma, immune therapy, immune evasion by viruses), cancer (oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, cell cycle, apoptosis, signal transduction, drug development, mechanisms of virally-induced cancers, chemical carcinogenesis), stem cells (cancer and embryonic), premature ageing (Werner syndrome, Progeria) and others.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

MMI offers advanced laboratory research training for postdoctoral scientists. Individuals interested in postdoctoral positions should contact prospective advisors directly. See Research and Faculty.