Resident Benefits and Salary

Residency Benefits

  • Free parking at all sites
  • Meal plan (daily allowances at LAC+USC, Keck, Norris Cancer Hospital; as well as meal reimbursements when at CHLA and RLA)
  • Educational allowance for medical books, medical supplies, electronics: $1000
  • Free Keck electronic library resources: Uptodate, pubmed, etc
  • Free white coat laundering service, with 3 white coats each available from LAC and Keck
  • 3 pairs of scrubs with free laundering service
  • Dedicated neurology resident call rooms with computer, bed, telephone
  • Neurology residents are also part of the LAC resident union:Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), which continually strives to improve the condition of resident treatment, benefit, and reimbursement for residents hospital wide.
    • $4000 annual housing stipend
    • $1000 educational fund for books and supplies
    • Annual salary increase guarantee
    • Reimbursement for translational servicesReimbursement for translational services
Salaries compare favorably with those of other resident positions in the community. Salaries compare favorably with those of other resident positions in the community.

October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020

GY-1 $4,620.39 $55,444.66
GY-2 $5,018.56 $60,222.81
GY-3 $5,437.69 $65,252.25
GY-4 $5,859.71 $70,316.57
GY-5 $6,270.38 $75,244.51
GY-6 $6,695.23 $80,342.70
GY-7 $7,094.58 $85,134.90
October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021

GY-1 $4,735.90 $56,830.78
GY-2 $5,144.02 $61,728.38
GY-3 $5,573.63 $66,883.55
GY-4 $6,006.20 $72,074.48
GY-5 $6,427.14 $77,125.62
GY-6 $6,862.61 $82,351.27
GY-7 $7,271.94 $87,263.27


As negotiated through the CIR, LAC+USC resident are entitled to 24 days paid vacation excluding weekend and holidays each year. The department allows residents to take up to four weeks of paid vacation per year.*

Sick, Family and Medical Leave

Sick Leave is accrued to a maximum of eight days per year. Three of these eight days may be used for personal days with permission of the program director. In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, residents may take up to 12 weeks leave of absence without pay.*

* Please note: Per the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry- Leaves of absence and vacation may be granted to residents at the discretion of the Program Director in accordance with local rules. The total of such leaves and vacation may not exceed six weeks in any one year.

Resident Life

Keck Medical Center and LAC+USC Medical Center are situated within walking distance of each other, situated in downtown LA, the heart of Southern California. Rancho Los Amigos and CHLA are within 20 minutes driving distance of the main sites. As most the year is spent at the main hospital sites, many residents choose to reside in the surrounding areas, with each neighborhood offering its own unique flavor: including downtown, Koreatown, Silver Lake/Echo Park, Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley. Residents often use their off time to explore trendy restaurants and cafes, sporting events, and outdoors adventures.

Post Residency

LAC+USC offers a broad range of fellowships which welcome applications from all neurology residents, allowing ample opportunities for LAC+USC residents to interact with fellowship-trained physicians who also provide mentorship for post-residency career development. Please see the fellowship section for further information.