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Staff Spotlight: Meet Ryan Wilkerson, a Resourceful Member of the Information Technology (IT) Team

Bokie Muigai December 04, 2023

Ryan Wilkerson has been working at USC for almost 17 years. He is currently a programmer analyst II who works with the department’s dynamic Information Technology (IT) team. If you have a tech related query, Ryan is eager to address your concern. From internal meetings and classroom sessions to Grand Rounds and public facing seminars, he facilitates various sessions ensuring they run smoothly. “In my 16 plus years of working with Ryan in our IT department, his reliability and humility have stood out as constants,” expresses Andrew Zaw, the department’s programmer analyst IV. “Over the years, his growth of IT knowledge has been truly impressive, yet what truly sets him apart is his friendly and approachable demeanor. Ryan effortlessly fosters a positive atmosphere while being the backbone of our team. He’s the person everyone relies on, and without a doubt, I’d choose him for my team every time.” Read about his time and contributions to our department.

Ryan Wilkerson is a programmer analyst II in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences. Photo courtesy Ryan Wilkerson.

How long have you been working at USC? 

I started out working for the Division of Health Behavior Research/Institute for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Research (IPR) at the Alhambra campus in 2006 before the move to the Soto Street Building, where I am now part of the departmental administrative staff.  

What are your main responsibilities in the department?

My main responsibilities in our department are desktop and classroom support, technological consultation, and procurement. I also work on a few research projects, building and maintaining REDCap survey’s as well as managing a Twitter database housing over millions of tobacco related tweets. 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most about working in our department is the people! The department is just like your typical big family. You got a few crazy aunts and uncles and some knucklehead cousins, but for the most part, everyone is super friendly, welcoming, and work well together in achieving the end goal. The people in our department are what has kept me here for so many years—oh and the tuition assistance! ☺

Who do you work the closest with?

Technically, the whole department but especially close with the IT team (ITEaMS) and central administration. 

Get to know Ryan:

What did you want to be as a kid?

I would always go back forth between wanting to be a “rock star” and NOT wanting to be a grown up. Turns out, what I really wanted to be, was a teacher, mentor and most importantly, a father. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and camping with family and friends, or strumming the guitar while my kids unharmoniously belch out Blink-182 lyrics. On the weekends you are most likely to find me at the local skatepark with my kids or at a lake fishing for some lunkers.